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Evaluation & Analysis of Existing Portfolio | New Project Review & Options | Purchased Properties & Assumptive Agreement Options

The Martin Windsor Group works on your behalf with service providers to gather a comprehensive evaluation of each property to determine cable, high speed internet and voice usage to assist in determining viable options when negotiating terms and conditions.

In certain cases the telecom provider under values properties based on unit size or offerings based solely on a recent project rather than a portfolio which can lead to agreements that are not at maximum worth to the client. The Martin Windsor Group will leverage entire portfolios and our experience to achieve best results.

In most cases we will compile a concise listing of the terms & conditions, expiration dates, summary of terms for each property to present to our client for review and exploration of future agreement terms and product options.

For new build projects, it is recommended to contact us 90 days prior to infrastructure or construction start date as it is crucial to have the service provider in step with your timeline and deadlines. We can assist in coordinating your general contractor with their construction team so all parties are communicating and prepared for first Certificate of Occupancy dates so all expectations are met.

With new technology, increased competition and regulatory changes there are more choices than ever for your properties, residents and management staff, allow us to be your advocate.